Crediton Town Team

Why a Town Team for Crediton?

To keep and develop Crediton as a thriving, sustainable town that fosters vibrant businesses and recreational, cultural and educational activities.


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Crediton Town Team’s immediate area of benefit is the parish of Crediton, although it is recognised that its benefit may extend to adjacent parishes that rely on Crediton for resources and services (see map of parishes at


Dear All,
I have decided to pull the plug on Get Out What’s On EX17. I still believe it’s a worth while publication in the sense of bringing events in EX17 under one publication. However, the work involved with finding a secure sum of money to fund printing costs is time consuming and if I am honest, money always takes the fun and enjoyment out of doing something. I know that Get Out could continue via email but I think I probably need a break from it. A very big thank you to all those that have supported the costs of printing over the past few months, either by donation or advertising and a big thank you to Town Team for supporting the innitiative. If anyone would like to continue with the concept then be my guest, it’s all yours.
For now at least Get Out is signing off – Andrew Vaccari

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